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Our Mission Statement

Our ministry is driven by two great commands: love God and love your neighbors. We share God’s message of hope in Jesus Christ as we encourage the spirit of love and reconciliation.

Being a Christ-centered church, we express love through the Biblical spoken Word of God’s salvation balanced with the social Gospel. The joy of the spoken Word of God is creatively displayed and enhanced in worship. We believe in a personal acceptance of Jesus as Lord and Savior and are encouraged to live the abundant life that Jesus came to give.

We seek understanding and discernment of God’s will in viewing life, creation, abortion and sexuality as taught in Scripture and displayed in science. God’s creation of the universe is a wondrous mystery. Life is a sacred gift from God. Prayerful life styles and Bible study are encouraged as the best ways to discern God’s yearning for us and to conduct our lives.
We are committed to loving one another. We welcome and cherish people from all walks of life. We encourage diversity in the leadership and the life of our church. We strive to be warm and caring within our church family, taking care of one another. We nurture each other as disciples in Christ and encourage spiritual growth and spiritual leadership. We are dedicated to our mission to care for people in our community, our nation and around our world.

 We want the story of Christ's love to be retold and his love to be made anew in our church from generation to generation.