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For What It’s Worth… Thy Kingdom Come

Jesus spoke of “The Kingdom of God” and “The Kingdom of Heaven” quite often. And while that phrase is familiar, most find the implications a bit illusive. I am currently studying this theme (and have been now for many months) and in an upcoming sermon series (early in 2018) we are going to explore the Kingdom of God. If you would like to prepare, I invite you to spend some time reading Matthew’s Gospel (Matthew usually uses Kingdom of Heaven) and pay special attention as Jesus talks about this Kingdom in numerous places throughout this Gospel.

I want to pique your curiosity and maybe invite you to do some research along with me as we prepare, as the community of faith, to explore this main teaching of Jesus. After all, each week we pray together “Thy Kingdom come, Thy will be done on earth as it is in Heaven”. It is our prayer, so what do we mean when we say it? Is it, “Thy Kingdom come” as in - when we all get to heaven? Or is it more? Friends, I contend to you that “Thy Kingdom come” has profound present day significance for us all. It is not just some distant future event. If you would like another book to read on this topic; I highly recommend “The Divine Conspiracy” by Dr. Dallas Willard. This book has influenced me and will shape some of the content in our upcoming series.

I appreciate so much your love and grace which you share with me as I seek to serve you as Pastor.

Your Pastor,
Scott <><